Check those chompers - it's Pet Dental Month!

August is the time that we recognise pet oral health with 'Pet Dental Health Month' in Australia. It's an initiative by the Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) and is an annual celebration of healthy smiles and the oral well-being of our pets.

Did you know that dental illness is recognised as one of the most frequent issues in pets, with four out of every five dogs and cats over the age of three years reported to have dental illness? Yes, that’s right, 80% of dogs and cats have dental disease and if left untreated, can have catastrophic affects.

What does dental illness in a cat or dog look (or smell) like?

Dental problems in pets are often recognisable through your pets really bad breath. Other symptoms include drooling, loss of appetite, mouth hanging open, food falling from the mouth while eating, plaque/stains on the teeth, red, swollen and bleeding gums – all of which stems from pain from the infection. These infections can cause significant sickness if left untreated as bacteria can enter your pet’s bloodstream and causing life-threatening disease.

However, dogs and cats can be tolerant creatures, and often won’t display their pain. Even those pets with sore gums, an infected mouth and broken teeth will continue to eat. Their survival instinct is extremely strong.

This is why each year when you bring your pet in for their annual health check and vaccination, we give their teeth and gums a thorough inspection to assess their health.

How do I treat poor dental health?

Depending on your dogs diagnosis we can treat the problem here at Inverloch Animal Doc and also have a wide selection of effective treatments. These include: special pet food and chews designed to remove plaque up to dental scale and polishing teeth under anaesthetic. Sometimes infected teeth need to be removed for the overall health of the animal.

Our vets can, on occasion, remove mild to moderate plaque manually in a consultation and this is one of Dr Will's particular favourites.

At Inverloch Animal Doc we offer free dental health checks throughout the month of August and also 10% off any dental procedure. We have state of the art equipment here at the clinic that can handle any dental work required for your pet.

We encourage you to discuss your pets dental care with our team at any time but we really love it during August so hit us up and make the most of this special!

If you'd like to get your pet's teeth checked, please contact us here to make an appointment.

Dental cleaning and scale before and after