Say hello to our new friends!

The Inverloch Animal Doc brand and identity - how did it all come about?

When buying a new and established business, the thought of rebranding can be slightly scary.

Will people still come, will they recognise us, are we moving too fast for our clients? These are just some of the questions that raced around our heads when we first took over from the amazing Hugh at A’beckett St Vet Clinic.

But now, we’re a few months down the track (possibly the fastest moving few months of our lives), and we couldn’t imagine being anything other than the Inverloch Animal Doc.

Which brings us to our fun new name and logo design.

Our furry faces, which now appear on our window, are our newest team members and we couldn't love them more! We'll soon be running a naming competition where we'll ask members of our community to come up with some fun, new names for three - they are everything to us, so it only seems right that they have their own identity.

The local community is starting to recognise our ‘yellow’ and our ‘circle’ and we hope it won’t be too long before Inverloch Animal Doc is a household name.

How did this illustration and design come about? We have to thank the dream team of local children’s author and illustrator, Alison Lester, and the talented Jayne Stewardson from Hatch Design Studio for bringing these tiny mascots to life.

Alison is not only the artistic talent behind the design, but also an award-winning author and illustrator and has her own shop in Fish Creek. Alison is closely linked to the clinic and when she heard that Will and Sam were purchasing the vet, she quickly put her hand up and volunteered to create the characters. If you follow us on our socials you’ll see a variety of characters pop up.

From these beautiful sketches on paper, Jayne created a logo and full brand story that we can be super proud of. We just love it how Jayne gently says, ‘can I have a little play with that’ and we hand over the reins knowing full well she will come up with something clever and quirky – we haven’t been disappointed yet!

So that’s our brand and logo creation story. But behind every great brand is a great business and we want you to know we are working hard to live up to our fun and bright appearance. But with the fun comes the nurturing and more serious side to our business too. While you’ll continue to see our new look with our characters popping up pretty regularly, you can rest assured we’re continuing to offer the same great care you know, love and rely on for all your animal friends.