What should I feed my pet rabbit?

What should I feed my pet rabbit?

Did you know that rabbits’ teeth grow about 2mm every week? Now that is FAST!
With this in mind, did you know that their teeth are designed to be worn down by grinding away at their food, which is why it’s super important to get their diets right?!

Here at Inverloch Animal Doc, we spend a lot of time helping rabbit owners care for their rabbit’s teeth. When they get too long it can cause other issues with the animal, so we have to clip their teeth when they get too long. The pics below show that it is not such a straightforward task. But don’t despair, this is completely avoidable.

So, what should you feed your rabbit to avoid the overgrowing of their teeth?

  • 80-90% - fresh hay or oaten available at all times
  • 10-20% - fresh green leafy veggies - two cups per day, per kg of body weight
  • 5% - treats – three tablespoons per day, including carrots, apple (no core or seeds), banana peel, watermelon

Below is the Rabbit Food Pyramid as recommended by the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic - their website is a great source of information!

Information + Graphic Source: http://www.melbournerabbitclinic.com/

And have you ever wondered what it looks like when a rabbit gets its teeth clipped? 

Here are some photos of a recent tooth clipping treatment undertaken at Inverloch Animal Doc. It takes visiting the dentist to whole new level!